Insurance / Industry Standards

Cleaning Concerns carry's out a full insurance-compliant cleaning service and you will receive the legally required certificate at the end of the work.

Cleaning Concerns a Full and Approved Member of NAADUK, National Association for Air Duct Cleaners.

It's the BESA who in its document BESA TR / 19 set the industry standard for the cleaning of grease extraction system, encompassing the canopies, fans, filters and ducting.

Commercial kitchen cleanliness is essential for a variety of reasons:

This is stated in the BESA Document, TR19 Part 7:

  1. The level of contamination that is allowed before a complete clean is required.
  2. The required post-clean measurement.
  3. A recommendation of the frequency of cleans necessary.

It is now a requirement of insurance companies, as part of their terms and conditions, that all grease extraction plant and ducting is cleaned frequently by an accredited specialist company.

Health & Safety Act 1974 also play a big part in the maintaining of a commercial grease extract system. Stating it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff and customers. An absence of adequate control renders the business operator liable to criminal action.

The absence of an effective system for maintaining ventilation extraction systems could readily lead to fire and subsequent injury or death of either building occupants or of third parties such as fire officers. Any such event would be likely to result in legal action.

Cleaning Concerns are able to, as part of our maintenance agreement, to supply the necessary certification and monitoring systems for you to meet your legal & insurance obligations.

We cover the whole of the South West UK - Devon, Cornwall, Avon and Somerset.

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